Changing Russian Global Image

As a lover of all things Russian I am happy to bring you this, what is something of a milestone opinion article on the modern Russian global diaspora, from Russia Beyond via the Oval Circle real news site.

Having worked with Russians in the past, when I was an IT professional, I can tell you that they are very competent, pleasant and friendly people.  Russia and the Russian people have had bad press in the West in the past, unjustifiably so.  So it is good to see that is being changed and I am happy to be a part of the expression of that change, as I am also proud to be part of the expression of condemnation of past and current diabolical Western propaganda not only against Russia but any nation brave and sturdy enough to stand up against the vile turpitudes of Western governments and their captive press galleries. 

“OPINION: Russia no longer exports emigrants, but a new cohort of Global Russians” – Russia Beyond via The Oval Circle

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