Syria – Erdogan’s Graveyard

“The Syrian Russian Turksih Idlib Stand-Off – Erdogan’s Last Stand?”

A brilliant piece for The Saker blog by Ghassan Kadi.  Everything looks clearer in hindsight – and there are a lot of things around the Syrian conflict that are still to be made clear to the general public (not least the true scope of the roles of interfering Western nations), but why has it taken so long for something like this to be written?

I read it quickly but I think I would not argue with any single point made – and I can’t often say that.

I’m not going to share quotes from the article – it is just too full of good stuff. Please read it.

From my own point of view, I think that when the Idlib situation has been cleared up in Syria’s favour – which, with the current will being shown and no intent to back down to external pressure this time, no matter who bleats about that or how loudly the bleating becomes, will not take long now and the rest of the remaining problems for Syria will either fade away or be simply overcome.  And that means the end of the line for any US presence in the country, and most likely in Iraq also.      

And won’t that be a relief for all.

Could it also be the graveyard for Uncle Sam’s foreign policy adventures? I do hope so.

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