“All The Young Dudes” – Part 3 of ‘Take Putin Seriously or Die’

How’s this for a follow-up? William Schryver is one thing, and a news source of growing importance in my world – for his accuracy, his manner, his reliability, his judgement – but then there is also the more widely known (so far) Pepe Escobar – for the same qualities (plus just the right amount of humour).

And, as always, Pepe comes up (at exactly the right moment [as Schryver also did]) – which is of vital importance in this fast changing world – with just the right story. And thanks to the Strategic Culture Foundation by the way for featuring it.

I don’t need to say any more about it. I can trust you to read it, can’t I? You’ll be glad you did.

‘All the Young Dudes, Carry the (Russian) News’ by Pepe Escobar (with a nod to the late David Bowie) on Strategic Culture Foundation

I’m sure there will be much more to say, or report, as the next week(s) unfold. Stand by. I will only share the very best there is at the time.

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