“We Have Got This”

Earlier today I posted a clip from an important speech by Riccardo Bosi given at the WorldWide Rally outside the Russian Consulate last Saturday (Feb 18, 2023) in Sydney, Australia. That was just a clip, and it wasn’t all that clear. Here is the speech, in full, loud and clear. This is something you cannot afford to miss. This is not just an Australian issue. This is a global issue and it is just part of the Australian contribution to saving the world. Early days, yes. But everything good thing began somewhere. And it began small, and it grew into what it eventually became. It is a start. It is a beginning. And it is well-placed to succeed.

I have already explained more of the background elsewhere, so let’s get right into it. This is a Bitchute video and will therefore not embed into a WordPress based blog (they almost exclusively favour YT). Click the image to view video.

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