“They Are Done”

My previous post was mainly about a man I have heard about only very recently – Riccardo Bosi. And yet, as soon as I saw and heard him speak, I intrinsically knew (this is not something that occurs with any regularity) that there was something special about him. Well, I am even more convinced about that since I watched this amazing video interview by Mark Attwood.

Now, I am not someone who habitually watches long video interviews. I generally find them to be mind-numbing after five to ten minutes but, just occasionally, there comes one that grabs and holds my attention for much longer. This I watched for the whole duration, with never a brain fade. It is truly eye-opening and has left a lasting impression on my memory, evoking and going at least some way to restoring ideas I left behind some twenty or more years ago as well as solidifying and expanding current ones. I leave it to viewers to make of it what they will – without further personal embellishment of the standing of either of the persons involved, other than to say that for me it cemented Riccardo Bosi as being someone who can inspire others and someone we will hear much more of in the future.

I invite you to view ‘Riccardo Bosi: “They are Done” (Interview 6th Feb 2023)’ – an interview by Mark Atwood.

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