We’re Not All Deadheads Down Under

Some of us, a growing number apparently, know what is what. And now we have the beginnings, hopefully, of a real voice in government – at least at the state level – in the candidacy of Lt Colonel Riccardo Bosi, leader of the Australia One party and former commander of Australian special forces, for a place in the Senate of the state of New South Wales. Small beginnings, and yet to be established in the upcoming elections in that state. I wish him well. Australia needs that.

Here he is speaking at a gathering outside the Russian Consulate in Sydney, organised by the Aussie Cossack, Simeon Boikov – who, as an Australian citizen, is now under the protection of the Russian Consulate, sheltering from police arrest under false charges arising from a recent assault on himself by Ukrainian demonstrators…

I don’t often comment on YouTube videos but I did make comment in this case. Here is what I said…

Riccardo Bosi is a sane and sensible voice, standing out calmly but clearly among the rude noise of the brash media and political rabble of this country and some others. Noise, claiming to be ‘news’, is the only noise many people get to hear. We desperately need people like Bosi, who is a candidate in the upcoming NSW Senate elections. Perhaps the only voice of genuine honesty among that crowd. He has the support of the Aussie Cossack and his followers (including myself) and he speaks here opportunely and courageously in support of the equally courageous war against global evil (in the form of NATO and the rulers of the west) being fought by the Russian Federation under their outstanding leader President Vladimir Putin – another great man of our time. If Bosi secures a senate ticket he will impel a fresh and incisive new era into Australian politics. I don’t believe we have seen his like before. All the best, Riccardo Bosi, for an imminent victory.

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