…While We Are Waiting

In the early hours of this morning, when fancies fly, I wrote my previous post – ‘What to Do? …Wait’. Not that that was any work of fanciful thought. It may yet prove, if only in part, to be prophetic. And yet, in the mind-churning hours of sleep, or semi-sleep, or dreams, an alternative occurred to me. So I am going to offer it as a less expensive – in terms of human life as well as economics – for Russia to achieve its goals.

It will only ever be a partial solution because ignoring what goes on on the other side of a fence does not preclude the potential for that fence being broken down at some point, allowing whatever demons have been conjured in the milieu on the other side, to break through. I am of course referring to the option for Russia to build another Iron Curtain across the whole of its border with Europe, cutting off that part of the world as though it didn’t even exist. Consider that for a moment.

This is something that Russia could do. It would not be ruinous for that nation because there are plenty of other markets, growing markets, less obtuse markets, for what Russia produces, situated to its east, while at the same time as providing an increasingly self-sufficient Russia with those things it can’t produce. But it would be ruinous for Western Europe, which cannot exist by itself, for long, without what it now trades with Russia and nations within Russia’s sphere of influence i.e. the rest of the Eurasian super-continent – where most of the world’s population lives. And so Europe ‘West of the Wall’ would simply die out – or possibly become diverged from its Atlanticist elements who would seek to migrate to the Atlantic’s farther shores. Allowing sense to prevail to the extent that the wall may yet again come down as it did in the later years of last century.

While many are now entangled in thoughts on the current conflict in Ukraine, which is a temporary but important blip in our history, those of us with clearer and more visionary minds need to be thinking, not so much on that, but on what comes next for the broader issues of the whole of mankind. It is in that context that I offer these thoughts.

What must not happen is an isolationist policy towards Russia, which is exactly what the Western Atlanticists want to see – and perhaps even think that Russia has played into their hands to achieve those aims by their incursion into Ukraine. And that is not going to happen, because Russia will not allow it to be the way this is settled. In the end it will be Russia’s way, or no way – with an abrupt end to mankind or at least for large sections of it, and a total end to what humans have known in the last hundred years or so. And that is a totally justifiable outcome. I myself would not want to live in such a world as would become, were Russia not to have taken the steps it has done to change it.

So, we had better get used to the idea that certain sections of humanity need to step down or be trodden down so that a better and more peaceful world can, if that is at all possible in the next age of man, be built. The age of man we now live in is over. It will not outlast this Ukraine conflict. Now is the time, since it never occurred to most of us that the world could ever become anything different, to begin to think on these things.

Thank you Russia for being the catalyst to initiate these changes.

Now, if that is considered to be fanciful thinking, then I am glad and content that my sojourn on this planet has not much longer to run. And my heart grieves for those whose lives have not had the opportunity to experience and nourish such hope as I have had for something like this to become the future of mankind.

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