What to Do? …Wait

March 25, 2022 has just begun where I am. I honestly cannot find anything of interest to write about just now …and I do spend quite a lot of time looking.

Yes, things are happening in Ukraine. Yes, there are things I wish I didn’t have to read or see. Yes, progress is being made. And yes, there is no doubt that Russia has had complete command of what goes on there since Day 1. Yes, they have maintained that control of the situation for a complete month now.

And no, they are not yet finished, that is – the tasks they set themselves are not yet complete. So there is little point in promoting all the unsavoury nitty-gritty that must transpire between now and the eventual end-point. It will take place, it must take place, and it needs to take place, right up until that end-point is reached. And that will be signalled by a capitulation of some sort either by the Ukrainian authorities or its military commanders when they have seen enough slaughter that they see no other choice. The sooner that comes, the better. Because it is inevitable that it does come.

At that point, Russia must take charge of what happens next, without any recourse to western interference. Russia must ensure that the conditions under which Europe is governed and the security climate that will persist from that point, is set in stone, and is exactly those conditions for which Russia has fought and bled with the lives of its sons to gain. Will that happen? Well, that’s what the “…Wait” is for. I don’t know. Russia does not have a strong reputation for obtaining guaranteed assurances for itself. But Russia, in modern times has also not displayed the kind of backbone it has done to venture into the month of controlled mayhem we have so far seen. Perhaps this is a new face of Russia. I hope so.

Forget about war crimes hearings. They must take place, under Russian control and on Russia friendly territory. But they are a side-show to the most important events – which I noted in the previous paragraph – that are a necessity to be enacted.

And if there is no way that this outcome can be seen to emerge, then Russia must not stop at the Ukraine border but must take its demands to every shore of Europe if necessary, in order to ensure peace in the world. That should be enough of a decider. There will be no necessity to go ‘across the pond’ to settle this. North America can be left to wither and die and tear itself apart all by itself – and if it comes to this scenario and it seems to be that this still does not solve the issue, then a simple first strike would be all that is needed. No need to worry too much about retaliation. I believe Russia, with other Eurasian powers, have this covered.

Somewhere between the beginning of all that – which could start as early as next week – and the extreme end-point (I have no idea of a timescale for that – could be months but not years), the world will find peace. And will then need to display some gratitude to Russia – and also make some apologetic gesture – for all the work they have done to bring this about and for all the abuse heaped upon them along the way. And finally there is the need to begin working together towards some sort of viable future, if that seems possible under the prevailing geophysical conditions. That future will be driven rather more by the geophysical than the geopolitical.

Well, it seems I did have something interesting to talk about after all. Who’d a thunkit?

Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut now, and do some quiet waiting.

We’ll see.

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