Astute Presidential Perspective

I want to share with you what I think is a most important and timely video for this particular point in our history. It is delivered by one of the most remarkable and stable national leaders the world has, both now and in past decades – the much loved President of Syria – Dr Bashar al-Assad, in a formal setting in front of a large audience of his own people.

I thank freelance journalist Sonja van den Ende for sharing this video on her VK page (where I saw it). Sonja is from the Netherlands and reports on Syria, the Middle East, and Russia.

On Thursday (March 18, 2022), President Bashar al-Assad addressed a fiery speech towards Western governments, accusing Western elites of hypocrisy and moral decadence in their dealings with the peoples of the world. Al-Assad also talked about the Ukrainian war and Syria’s position on it and expressed his astonishment at the Ukrainian (Jewish) president’s support for the Nazi movements in his country. – Syriana Analysis

President Assad is absolutely correct in his assessment of the situation. What vision this man has. What clear thinking. What understanding of the issues.

I will list some of his points:

  • There is no stability, wars proliferate, only a future of instability can be seen
  • Events over recent centuries have been managed by the West, negatively causing suffering in the world for their own ends
  • Today the West is at an epic historical point regarding transformation of its role and image – occuring first in Syria but critically now from the war in Ukraine
  • These changes are old points for Syria but for Western audiences and the deceived people of the world, they are new
  • These changes provide a basis on which we can build our future vision
  • The West has become more experienced in lying and deception – presenting different ‘masks’ as needed
  • The West today uses more humanitarian terms but commits more crimes against the world than ever
  • Syria was never deceived but now, with the war in Ukraine, all the West’s masks have been removed at once. The West became completely naked to its own audience and the rest of the world
  • The foundations of false Western propaganda have been destroyed. Revealing first that international law is of no concern to it
  • The West’s lack of concern for international law has turned the world into a jungle
  • Where the law is not enforced, there is no law – so no point in asking ‘What is Russia’s legal basis for intervention in Ukraine?’
  • Talking about international law after decades of its non-enforcement is meaningless
  • The policy that the West seeks is the policy of power and the politics of strongest
  • As for freedom of expression and opinion, it has fallen into the abyss as the Western world has been manipulated to have only one opinion
  • So freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in the West is to express only one opinion which is identical with that of the West
  • The freedom of property, one of the pillars of capitalism, suddenly allows the confiscation of the funds and property of Russia – as it was with Syria, with Libya, Iraq, Iran, etc.
  • So the freedom of property is the freedom of West’s ownership of the property of others
  • The West has shown its racism and hidden hatred against everyone who is not like them
  • The West has no friends and only one enemy – whoever stands in the way of its material interests
  • The West has zero principles
  • But the ugliest truth is that the West is against Nazism and Zionism is against Nazism – in fact the West has fostered Nazism as a necessity for its plans
  • Such facts confirm the West lies with everything it says, and cares only about controlling the world
  • Syria cannot trust the West in the future – because the one whom the centuries did not change will not be changed by the decades
  • Unable to expect anything useful from the West in future, the ‘heading east’ which Syria planned in 2005 is now more correct than ever before
  • First, because the West cannot be relied upon. Second, because the East has become a developed East – capable of meeting the needs of most countries without siege, superiority or controlled destiny in every field
  • We have no doubt that the political West is a morally degenerate West
  • The world is heading towards conflicts and there is an economic price for that. We are part of this world and we have to think seriously about what solutions exist to face this harsh reality

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