A Sudden Case of ‘Weak at the Knees’

Well, Khinzal’s and Kalibr’s will tend to bring on that kind of ailment, and with some of them flying around at the moment, expect to see an outbreak of such cases.

Germany just now finds its larders of old weapons suitable to send to the support of Ukraine have suddenly emptied.


Earlier today I also read that Canada has just said more or less exactly the same thing.

I feel sorry for the Donbass militias. Their supply chain of free goodies, seized or left behind by retreating Ukie military appears to be about to dry up.

Incidentally, if you want to see some real, on the scene, footage of the recent days in Ukraine (not fake western TV images but gritty first hand news – with no ‘newsmen’ on site) the VK site from which came the image above is worth the look. I haven’t seen anything too ‘bloody’ in there but it is not for the faint-hearted.

Here’s another image from that site – ATGM ‘Javelin’ freebie…


While many of these things get destroyed in warehouse storage, a lot of them have been ‘bequeathed’, in the field, to Russian, DPR and LPR forces. Gifts from Uncle Sam – and they are not cheap.

Finally, here is a group photo of a bunch of fine young men, somebody’s grandchildren, happy but serious, militia-men from the Donbass region, whom western press would label ‘brutal Russian monsters’ or some such nonsense. Well brought-up lads a girl could take home to meet her mother I’m sure – and fighting only for the right to exist, and in relative peace.


Meanwhile, keep your head down. ATGMs are one thing, but Hypersonic missiles give no warning.

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