Phase 2 Developing

As if on cue (feeding my personal self-delusion), my overnight lament for good official information on the continuing Russian Special Operation in Ukraine has been met by a new Russian MoD briefing in English, more or less confirming the view that Phase 2 of the operation is now in full force.

I thank TeleSUR for the video and the Saker blog for a transcript (for folk like me whose brains are not quick enough to pick up more than the general gist of spoken words). Links below.

‘LIVE: Russia Blames Nationalists for Mariupol Catastrophe’ – TeleSUR – 20 March, 2022

‘Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry (Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles flying)’ – the Saker blog – March 20, 2022

I feel certain now that things will begin to move much faster with these developments. No matter how fast the west may try to arm and support Ukraine, the country’s military must now have little left in the tank to enable them to continue to resist an unprecedented onslaught like we are now witnessing, for much longer. If they have any fight left in them, at all. And Russia entertains no desire to utterly crush the Ukrainian military, still considering them brothers (nazis excepted) and recognising the need for Ukraine to have a viable military force in the future. The aim is simply to disarm and possibly to realign their thinking a little (de-nazification).

I gave it ‘two weeks’ a few days ago and I have no reason yet to consider that an infeasible possibility. Only Zeleskyite intransigence, his spine buffered by western (for profit) bullshit, could prolong the suffering of his own people. And then there’s the cleaning up and the sorting out and the war crimes hearings to be held perhaps somewhere in the Donbass.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Steely resolve needs to be held …and the Russians are good (unbeatable?) at that.

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