It Has Begun

The De-militarization (not De-communization as I originally said. Duh!) and De-nazification of Ukraine has begun, in earnest.

Ukrainian military command posts in Kiev and Kharkiv were hit by rocket attacks (pictured)

Here are a few points I have gathered, in no particular order, mostly from social media so need to be verified before fully accepted, but if correct the ‘Special Operation’ could well be over before the Ukraine, the UK or the US wakes up.

  • The Russian air force appears to be in complete control of Ukrainian airspace, having destroyed major Ukraine airbases (no quick getaways for crims).
  • Russians are in Odessa with tanks, sea landing after massive missile strikes from Crimea
  • Military command facilities in Kiev and Kharkiv destroyed by missiles
  • Russian airborne troops seen landing in Kharkiv
  • Mariopol has been liberated
  • Tanks are entering Ukraine from direction of Beloruss (CNN report)
  • The Azov nazi battalion/regiment has been destroyed
  • Video of massive multi-rocket launches from inside DPR in many directions
  • (copied and pasted) According to eyewitnesses, the largest checkpoint on the border of the Belgorod region with Ukraine, Nekhoteyevka-Hoptovka, immediately went over to the side of the Russian Federation.
  • LPR units start liberating the Ukrainian-controlled city of Schastya
  • (copied and pasted) A convoy with heavy equipment, including a large number of tanks, crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border in the direction of Kharkiv
  • The Vasylkiv airbase near Kiev was hit by seven powerful air strikes.
  • (copied and pasted) ALL Ukrainian Navy destroyed or rendered unusable
  • Throughout Ukraine, cruise and ballistic missiles are destroying military infrastructure and strategically important facilities.

That should give you a good idea of what is going on just now. This is really a magnificent display of how to conduct modern warfare with minimal disruption of civilian life. The Russians are to be congratulated.

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