Kiev – A First Hand Account

Published February 26 and giving a first hand local account of life in Kiev – Capital of Ukraine – over the previous two days, is a brilliant and revealing story of how the living heart of that city, at first stunned by disbelief, then motivated to evacuate westward. Leaving a rats nest of berserkers armed with military grade weapons by the government (courtesy a delinquent, depraved and panicked US administration), whose first instinct was to start shooting each other – and then their own military (mistaking them for Russians).

What could go wrong?

This is quite brilliantly written and, though machine translated, it has not lost much of its wit and barely hidden disdain. Thankfully it negates western psyops by correctly portraying Russian forces as having behaved uprightly and with care – so far. As they were ordered to do and which came naturally to them – especially as they are, or thought they were, engaged in a liberation of their brothers. But Kiev and the Ukraine have changed over the last few years, and the the struggle to eradicate western fascist inspired and encouraged nazism in that city and nation has yet to really fire up.

This is a picture up to the end of yesterday. Today, which is still young in Europe as I write, could be entirely different.

‘Two days in Kiev that will change the world’ – Valery Mikhailov for RIA Novosti

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