This Is The US You Support, Australia. Indiscriminate Killers

‘US Use of Drones under Scrutiny after Strike in Afghanistan’ – TeleSUR

People at the site of the drone strike, Kabul, Afghanistan, Sept. 2, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @billm9

The much vaunted ‘last drone strike’ on August 29, 2021 by the infantile US military in their pointless 20 year war in Afghanistan, killed ten people in Kabul – including seven children – the family of a long serving US NGO employee who were waiting for a refugee visa to settle in the US. There was not a trace of a terrorist to be seen. This is typical of pretty much all US military strikes in the Middle East over that whole time.

Even the story of the terrorist bomb attack at Kabul airport, which was given as the reason for the drone strike, is spurious. A bomb that was large enough to kill around 200 people including a number of US military would have caused a large amount of material damage to the surroundings. No such images have been published to my knowledge. But there have been reports from those clearing away the bodies of the fallen, that these people mostly died from gunshot wounds coming from above – that is from the roof of buildings or over the barricades thrown up to prevent entry to the airport. This speaks of panicked US troops firing indiscriminately into the crowds.

Australian soldiers who had been guarding that area only a few hours before the ‘terrorist bombing’ incident had already been evacuated, leaving only Americans on the scene. Time and opportunity for them to show their true colours as the cowards they are. The drone strike next day was simply to back up the US lies about the terror bombing. The unfortunate Afghan family were killed for no recognisable or forgivable reason at all.

Turn around now, Australia, is my advice to my country. Turn away from the illegitimate, murderous West. Look to your north, to Asia, to Russia and to China for friendship and support. Or you will surely become friendless. Or dead. As the West will soon consider you to be an indefensible outpost, as it becomes necessary for them to retreat back into their own self-destroyed wastelands. For a perhaps lingering, lonely, death of their own. Or, if they foolishly attempt to use the ‘final’ nuclear option, a very quick one.

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