Australia Will Be Glowing – Radioactively

Aussie PM ScoMo has been talking to his make-believe god again. And, as usual, the answer he thinks he got back makes no sense whatsoever. No sense, that is, to a rational person – though it is becoming difficult to find any of those.

According to ScoMo, god said to him “Buy US nuclear submarines”, but the garbled message, conjured by the few remaining desperate, rational braincells still functioning in his delusional mind, actually was…

The quickest way to split and sink Australia is to introduce nuclear submarines to the Australian Navy – US nuclear submarines.”

‘Here’s why the news about Australia getting nuclear submarines with the help of the US and UK is a big deal’ Australia ABC News

The man is stark raving bonkers. That is not an entirely new diagnosis – he has been bonkers for some time. But his madness has now reached new heights of psychopathic delusion. And it seems the condition has spread to his National Security team. I guess they are eyeing a soon upcoming election.

I guess also, that France, on losing a $90 billion submarine contract that was signed some years ago now, will not take this lying down. They will want their ‘pound of flesh’. It is going to cost Australia a pretty penny in compensation I expect. The French contract was never going to work though. Someone in the AU government didn’t check that the French submarine they were ordering (originally a $60 billion contract) was actually nuclear powered. When that little oversight was revealed, there was a mad scramble to redesign them to be diesel-electric powered (because Aussies would not accept nuclear powered boats). Hence they never got built, and the cost rose by 50%. Please don’t laugh. It hurts. And now, we are going to buy ready made… Oh, noooo… Don’t tell me… they are probably pre-used US models – with a fresh paint job. Duh! I can’t stand this endless humiliation any more….

No matter. Well… it does matter …some… but not a great deal. Australians are used to being on the losing side – mostly from devotedly following their US masters in forlorn hope aggressions around the world. So, this is just a continuation of that lunacy. IF IT GOES AHEAD. The nation has not yet sanctioned the move – and that, Australia long being opposed to nuclear technology, may be difficult to obtain. It could also be overturned by a future government if it does go ahead.

Stepping back for a second, does this decision make sense in global weaponry terms? I think not. It is becoming general knowledge that the US, and the West in general, are at least a decade behind the game when it comes to modern arms. The Americans dropped the ball after the end of the Cold War and today is no match for either the military of China or Russia. There is no doubt whatsoever that the West would lose, and lose disastrously, in any conflict with either Russia or China – let alone if they stood together. And Australia, by buying American weapons and technology, are simply aligning themselves with that no-hope future.

But… The future is anything but certain in any case. And not just on this issue.

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