The M.O.P.S. Principle

COVID-19 GMOs – which before they were ‘vaccinated’ with a Pfizer mRNA soup (which is not a vaccine but an injected medical treatment) were known as ‘people’, may well prove to be (in addition to being made captive Pfizer customers for life) active spreaders of the disease through shedding of particles, subsequently inhaled, or by physical touch.

Pfizer has been testing for this effect on pregnant women – presumably because there is a captive downstream audience to also test – the foetuses or children of the test subjects.  Not enough is yet known (for me at least), of the results of this experiment, to gauge what the truth of the matter may be.  Past experience and logic, based on what we do know of the composition of the Pfizer soup and its given method of operation, dictates that results will be worse than first may be thought.

In anticipation of that, I have produced the attached Vaccination Passport for those who have cognitively determined not to become a GMO themselves by refusing to be vaccinated.

I call it ‘The M.O.P.S. Principle’.

MOPS? My Own Personal Safety.

Image made by me, for free use and/or adaptation to suit personal preferences

Details of the Pfizer experiment, including a Pfizer Test Document image, can be found here: Debt Rattle April 29 2021

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