“No Need No Wear A Mask During Masturbation Unless That’s Your Thing”

It’s time to get real.

Part of a recent Forbes, summary of NYC Health guidelines (link in the shared post below) is given in the following quote…

The guidelines continue to emphasize that “You are your safest sex partner.” That’s because unless your genitalia are wandering around town without you, you typically know where they have been. It would be kind of weird to have to interrogate your genitalia, “what did you do last night? Did you wear a mask?” Remember you can’t get Covid-19 from masturbating alone. You can’t give yourself Covid-19 if you don’t already have the virus. So, no need to wear a mask during masturbation unless that’s your thing. Just make sure that you wash your hands, your sex toys, your remote control, your keyboard, your touch screen, your step-stool, your plastic llama, and anything else that may be involved with your masturbation “with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sex.”

  – Forbes

Meanwhile, in the ‘getting real’ department…

Tessa Lena includes the Forbes summation of NYC Health guidelines when she writes in her own inimitable way, of…

“A War on Touch” – Tessa Fights Robots. Here is a short quote:

We are being lied to. Let me repeat: We are being lied to. We are being lied to, there are signs of fraud all over the place (from censorship to bad statistics to suppressed effective cures to the fact that the “health response” was ready before the pandemic even started). Right now, it is only our fear of losing our non-existent dignity that is preventing us from calling a spade a spade. See, we have all the power but we only have it if we find the breath to claim it.

– Tessa Fights Robots

It’s time to get real. There’s a war going on.

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