Vaccine Tests Produce New Viral Mutations

“Head of RAS thinks Omicron may have appeared as result of COVID-19 drug trials” – TASS

This is a conclusion that any thinking person would already have arrived at independently, given adequate knowledge as to what has occurred over the past two years and in the general knowledge that this is a natural virus defence mechanism. You hit a virus with new attack conditions, it will change itself to adapt to and negate those conditions, rendering them harmless to itself but itself more dangerous generally.

That is, or should be, well known.

But it is good and proper that someone with the necessary scientific authority has come out and declared this to be the case

And that is the principle by which all previous viral attacks throughout the history of our knowledge and ability to tackle such things, no virus has been vaccinated against until any original pandemic caused by that virus, had subsided and the original virus strain ceased to be active. Raising the question as to why the COVID-19 pandemic has been treated so differently, changing what was a fairly mild disease to become something of the disruptive and tenacious monster it has, through multiple mutations, now become.

Taking this to a logical conclusion (which is not the same thing as reductio ad absurdum) we could categorically state that if we had left the original strain of SARS-COV-2 to work its way through whatever proportion of the human population it was going to affect, it would have by now completely disappeared and left behind sufficient natural immunity to the disease as could effectively ensure it never again presented as an issue for humanity. There would not have been the millions of deaths (exaggerated in any case) that we have seen, nor the thousands of deaths and millions of injuries (many of them permanent), which have generally not been in any way exaggerated, that we have seen and will continue to see from the introduction of (for the most part) inadequately tested and ill-conceived anti-COVID vaccines.

OK, it has happened, and we cannot now go back and start again, but have we learned anything from that lesson over the past two years?

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