The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Journalism

Both China and Russia are continually in a defensive fight to gain a fair hearing in the West.  Western media, as a tool of government, whose work bears little in relation to true journalism or indeed to the virtue of any kind of ethics based reporting, continuously undermines or downplays the achievements of those two nations (and others they choose to unjustly denigrate as being enemies of ‘democracy’), while overstating or simply lying about their agendas, intentions, or methodologies.

It is a constant battle for these nations to combat ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous’ journalism, a task most commonly carried out politely and with unflustered and understated rebuttals.  But, of late, I have detected a more positive and firm stance being taken by China in particular to counter the West’s journalistic attacks.  And “good on ’em” I say.

Here is a pertinent example of that in action.  And there is not a hint of propaganda, untruth, or hidden lies to be found.

If only the West were so honest and open.

“Why were US media silent on Pfizer vaccine deaths?: Global Times editorial” – People’s Daily Online

Afterword (added after publication):

Underlining the dangers of over-simplification (a necessity to some extent in social media and blogging), I should say, as a late entry amplification, my suggestion that Western media is a tool of government is at best only partially true.  

The media are a tool of the wealth bearers who own it and who dictate the flavour of what it projects to be in alignment with their own agendas.  Free thought, with few exceptions, is not allowed for any journalist who wants to keep their job.  As such, since these ‘owners’ are among those who also ‘own’ governments (you did know that I hope), media lines usually follow government lines – but not always.  And so, generally speaking, governments can use media as a tool of expression of, general agreement with, and validation of their policies.  Free advertising, so to speak.  

Of course it doesn’t always work out that way.  If the government gets ‘uppity’ from time to time or the owners decide a fresh course change is required in order to maintain a requisite level of control, government can find itself on the receiving end of some very nasty news items and a redirection of previously held favours.  

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