All Choked Up

“Rough Ridin’ with Biden” – Kunstler. No share in full today but it’s only a click away. Try it, I’m sure you’ll like it.

I’m all choked up.  Not over having just watched the Lady Gaga performance (‘in Hunger Games drag’, as Kunstler suggests) at the Biden inauguration.  That just drew a sad shake of the head from me and a suppressed urge to expel my breakfast, it being the only part of the proceedings I have forced myself to witness.  No, I am all choked up about what has happened to America, a nation that chooses to celebrate, or part of which chooses to celebrate – goodness knows what the other part is doing – the elevation of a criminal huckster – who should rightly be serving time behind bars – to the highest position of power in the land.  Notice I did not say ‘in the world’.  The position of most powerful person ‘in the world’ has now been vacated, thankfully, with the termination of the unipolar power hegemony of the US in recent years – though I doubt the use of the phrase will die off just yet.

I’m all done with politics for a while, especially US politics.  And I think anyone who does not have unavoidable reason or commitment to be in that land over the next open-ended period of time, would be well advised to avoid being there – at the risk of life and liberty.

While US officialdom and its media flunkies are projecting a new era of stability and return to normalcy, under new management – with a few cosmetic changes already having been initiated – there is really no change in management (aka ‘ownership’) whatsoever.  Only the front office faces have changed, mostly by resurrecting sleeping swamp cadavers from past nightmare years, all ready to continue attempted delivery of the worst excesses of US, manifest destiny inspired, domination diplomacy.

Nothing has changed.  Nothing will ever change, until that manifest destiny is achieved. 

Well folks,  I have some good news.  That destiny is already beginning to manifest, and the careful observer will have noticed that happening for some time now.   It is not a destiny of domination – or even of peaceful and equitable coexistence (which may be the hearts and unicorns goal in some minds) – but it is to live a vastly reduced life among the ruins of the hell on earth they have created for themselves.  The sad thing is, and this is what really chokes me up, the rest of us global citizens are going to suffer the same fate.   Nonetheless, I guess that will be better than suffering under the lash of a US dominated slave planet. It will also mean the end of politics, and that at least must be something to look forward to.

But before that happens, and it will, I have no doubt, Americans in particular have to suffer greatly (I was going to say ‘bigly’, but I don’t want to be the last to use that word) in the turmoil of a state at war with itself and, even with all its ephemeral wealth, mostly derived externally from gullible fools the world over (buyers of US debt), it will be incapable of preventing its decline into utter ruin.  A ruin from which will hopefully emerge a much chastised and more equitably minded new generation, though much reduced in number – as will also happen globally – all to endure the hardships of a geological period of gradual, oh so gradual, and very disruptive – if not unliveable – earth renewal.

That’s the best we – that is our descendants – can hope for.  And that kind of chokes me up too.  It didn’t have to be that way – or maybe it did – but it is much too late to brood wistfully about it now.

On that basis, the doings of the 20th century and early 21st century of the modern era, with all the technology and progress, and all the heartache and suffering they brought – all that you and I have done – pale into deserved insignificance.  We will not be remembered, if we are remembered at all, in a good way.

All we have to look forward to is some “Rough Ridin’ ” with or without Biden.

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