This Is The Moment…

This has to be quick, I have a wedding to attend today, but it is a moment too important to pass up.  You would be well advised to pay attention to Kunstler's words today. ...or, it may all fizzle again, but I don't think so this time. Oh, what the heck! I don't know any... Continue Reading →

Piggy Pompeo Presiding?

"China to respond to US provocations in next 10 days: Global Times editorial" - Global Times Strong words just came from China in response to US provocation from the unworthy lips of US Secretary of State (for next 10 days), Mike 'Piggy' Pompeo.  Let me echo some of them: "...China's rapidly growing power is in... Continue Reading →

The Insurrection Wars, Begun They Have

"Insurrection Versus Insurrection" - Kunstler Jim Kunstler, thankfully, continues his line on the current political and social dilemma facing America and, unless and until he goes off all "cockamamie" (that's a quote), I will continue to post his views in full here.  Thank goodness there is at least some level-headed public commentary still available from... Continue Reading →

Of Hearts and Heads

A cry from the human heart. "A Coup in the Corporate Head" - Tessa Lena, from Tessa Fights Robots ...and while I...  No. I am going to hold back from making my frequently used personal disclaimer.  There is not enough in this to claim disagreement with, and I wholeheartedly claim affinity with the 'heart' of... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of the Possible

It is what China has done with its wealth in recent years that makes of it such a proud nation. A remarkable story.  And one which contrasts brilliantly with the end-time sunset dramas going on in the West. 'Foreigners see China's victory against poverty on trip' - People's Daily Online - English Michael Chick, Shaun... Continue Reading →

Kunstler: Fog and Noise

You think I wouldn't feature Kunstler after what happened this week, or that I would keep my own head down?  You would be wrong.  Trump may be down, but not necessarily out.  Does he have a plan?  Does it involve the military or sections of the military?  It's all, as Kunstler says, "Fog and Noise"... Continue Reading →

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