Of Hearts and Heads

A cry from the human heart.

“A Coup in the Corporate Head” – Tessa Lena, from Tessa Fights Robots

…and while I…  No. I am going to hold back from making my frequently used personal disclaimer.  There is not enough in this to claim disagreement with, and I wholeheartedly claim affinity with the ‘heart’ of the piece.

I hope you do too.

It is not calling for anything, asking for anything, demanding anything.  It is just a cry from the human heart over a sense of loss at the way things are …the way things have turned out to be  …and the games still being played, in 2021.

“…my task is protect my body and my soul. I am not in their game. I am not benefiting from their game, and it is not my job to love any of them.”

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