Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism – Has Quite a Ring to it, Don’t You Think?

“Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism” – Get Over It!

Better get used to the idea America – it’s already begun (truth be known, it has been building strength for quite some time now – years, in fact) …and its minions are not even in power yet.  You poor things.  If all you have to counter your new and irrepressibly cruel masters is the weak, lame-brained effort the world witnessed at the Capitol last week, half of America is in for a very austere  reign of suppression, cancellation, and curtailment by those the other half have blindly endorsed as your Congress of Obersturmbannführers for the next 4 years.  How do you like that idea?

‘The “Crisis” is Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism’ – Michael Tracey, on Medium 

“Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism”   Hmm… has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  But it is too long and too difficult to spell.   What else could it be called?  Oh yes, I know…  ‘Fascism’.  That’s better.

But isn’t ‘fascism’ normally associated with far right movements?  And aren’t ‘liberals’ kind of soppy leftists?  Ssshhh… not so loud.  The soppy leftists don’t need to know what they have endorsed is far right dogma  …at least not until there’s nothing they can do about it.  We’ve got to disarm them first – and Ol’ Joe has a plan for that.  Let them just occupy themselves with playing with their rainbows and unicorns and their ‘cancel culture’ for a while.

It’s the same plot twist that we dominant corporates pulled nearly a century ago when we supported the Hitler ‘National Socialist’ regime (which, of course, everyone knows was fascist, not socialist) with money and resources to enable his armies to roll right over those damn ‘commie’ Soviets. Nearly worked too, but the Russians were just too stubborn to lie down and lose. In the end we had to pretend we were anti-fascist all along and the least we could do – literally – was to pretend to help those Russkies beat that loser Hitler. Ah, but that was a long time ago, and ever since we have had bigger fish to fry. We’ve been working toward the ultimate prize (on this planet, anyway), Global Domination. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa. We’re nearly there too – but it looks like those damn Chinese commies have outpaced us and, with their Russkie mates and a hotch-potch of independent nation states the damned US military seems incapable of being able to control any more, are going to stand in our way. In spite of the continuing efforts of our own enormously expensive private CIA army to thwart their every move, cast doubt on their motives, and kill off or discredit any of their prominent individuals.

No, I haven’t gone crazy, I just took a momentary peek inside the head of a typical Deep State nut case. It was not a pleasant experience I can tell you.

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