A Glimpse of the Possible

It is what China has done with its wealth in recent years that makes of it such a proud nation.

A remarkable story.  And one which contrasts brilliantly with the end-time sunset dramas going on in the West.

‘Foreigners see China’s victory against poverty on trip’ – People’s Daily Online – English

Michael Chick, Shaun Nish, Rebecca Nish, and Albert Mhangami dance with villagers at Dawan Village in Jinzhai County of Luan City, east China’s Anhui Province, Dec. 19, 2020. (Xinhua/Liu Fangqiang)

“Ending poverty starts with ending impoverishment in minds and ideas.”

“China has built its own pathways out of poverty and it owes a profound debt of gratitude to organisations and countries that have helped.  As the nation continues its progress it is also giving back a basket of solutions on this global issue and a message of hope to the rest of the world.”

What sort of message is the West sending to the rest of the world?  Well, it’s certainly not one of hope.  Domination, suppression, destruction, death and impoverishment, maybe… assuming their end-time, sunset dramas don’t sink their plans and see an end to them first.

Text and photos are one thing but you need to watch the video in this article for a glimpse of the possible.

I attempted to embed that video but since WordPress has now restricted that option to paying sites I can only provide the link – for your convenience: http://enflvmp4.people.com.cn/videofile7/pvmsvideo/2021/1/11/HaiWaiChuanBoBuLiuNing_f6374dc3d981186c76101ab7261c542c.mp4

Trust me, it is worth watching.

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