Piggy Pompeo Presiding?

“China to respond to US provocations in next 10 days: Global Times editorial” – Global Times

Strong words just came from China in response to US provocation from the unworthy lips of US Secretary of State (for next 10 days), Mike ‘Piggy’ Pompeo.  Let me echo some of them:

“…China’s rapidly growing power is in the best position to be used in the region (Taiwan), which will deal a heavy blow to US arrogance.”

“We need to see this as a rare window of opportunity for the Chinese mainland to do something about the Taiwan question.”

“We must turn the fight against them in the last 10 days of the Trump administration into a process that draws a clear bottom line with the US and the island of Taiwan, showing both of them the severe consequences if they ever really touch the bottom line – this is a process to establish China’s prestige.”

“We would rather face a Taiwan Straits crisis, even a storm, in the next 10 days if Pompeo and his likes become more aggressive and provocative before leaving office. The crisis will teach Taiwan secessionists a lesson and nail Pompeo and his likes to the pillar of shame.”

There are actually now just 9 days of intense waiting for the next vital step to be made.  Ample time to consider “Who exactly, is leading the United States just now?”

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