It Just Keeps Getting Worse And Worse

It all just keeps getting worse and worse.

Today’s Kunstler blog resolves into a series of dozens of questions about, to quote: “what the fuck is going on in America?” (you might want to google that – it’s not just a lone voice).

Jim raises dozens of questions, none of which has an answer.  They are vital questions.  Nation defining questions. And in an open, corruption-free system, there would be answers.  Honest answers.  But is there sufficient honesty left in America to make such answers available, both to the American public (who will still, presumably, shortly be given the opportunity to vote in a government election process – if that still means anything), and to the world at large who are either concerned or amused or both, at what they see (and we all can see – if we care to look) going on there?  Or have the answers already been pre-determined by the deletion of evidence – a matter of gross corruption?

“When There are No Consequences for Anything” – Kunstler

I have another question.  Will there still be an America by the end of the year?

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