When Will Australia Stop Its Anti-China Madness?

I love my country of Australia.  It is my chosen country, which somehow has more meaning than being simply the place where I happened to be born.  But Australia has changed over the years, especially since the start of the current century, and I believe is now heading in a direction which is at distinct cross-purposes to its best interests as a direct result of its government intransigence in clinging ever more closely to alliances that do not favour us and are in fact a source of endangerment to both our viability and our potential existence as a nation.  We face a difficult future, regardless of anything else, but there is a need to establish and nourish such relationships as will provide the best hope we can muster to successfully navigate that future.  Our current arrangements, viewed in that light, are hopelessly inadequate.  We live in the dream that life will go on as it always has in the past.  Unchanged.  That is perhaps our greatest weakness.

I see that, and I see all the issues, in a broad brush sense.  And I write about those things. But I don’t have the level of detail to add expression to my writing that others, some of whom share quite closely the way that I see things, do.  So, I am happy to defer to their assessments as material to share online.

James O’Neill is one such writer whose views closely match my own.  This is his latest piece on what confronts Australia as we march on.

“Australia Confronts a Changing Economic World” – James O’Neill, an Australian-based Barrister at Law, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

I would love to share some of James’ words with you, but I am not going to do that.  You will need to follow the link to see them for yourself. If that is of interest to you.

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