Australian Business Calls for Reflection on Path to National Economic Suicide

That headline is mine but it echoes the sentiments expressed in this article from the Global Times:“Businesses’ grievances should arouse reflection in Australia” – Lui Qing for the Global Times – which I share here as the basis for what I am about to say.

It is true.  And it is a sad state of affairs that a national government should be working so defiantly, so fanatically, and perhaps even so evangelically against the interests of its own people, their welfare, business and economic interests, endangering hope of any future other than one of impoverished squalor, hardship and even potential state collapse or being overrun by some external actor.

I know that gloomy future is what is lined up for Australians anyway as our country is ravaged by egregious climatic wasting of the land, but it doesn’t have to be exacerbated by our own government folly in cutting us off from our economic base before that becomes unavoidable, in preference to servitude to a rogue US empire that is itself openly disintegrating as we watch.

Yes, it’s sad, but we are but a small people.  Small but over-privileged, wasteful and insufficiently educated in recent times to realise what is going on around us and how we are being badly represented by those we choose to lead us.

Sad also because I see no way out. No means to alter the path that has already been set.

Australians are already worried and suffering unprecedented mental illness through being shut down  by a virus outbreak.  The people generally do not know, have not even an inkling of what terrors, hardships and traumas they will be called on to endure in the days and years that lie ahead.  And as with the peoples of many other nations around the world, many will not be able to cope.  Many will die.  And the current deaths from coronavirus will seem like drops in the ocean compared to those numbers.

No-one, not even myself, so far fully realises just what misery all of humanity must suffer as our current way of life comes to an end – as it must.  And nothing can prevent that.  No work of man.  No intervention of god – any god – even if such existed, can prevent that.  It will happen.  And I think we see it just beginning.

But out of that mayhem there may come a few stragglers, a few hardy folk, here and there, shattered, dismayed and broken, but from the ashes of our world they may eventually be able to build the makings of a new one. But that could be after many long centuries of bare survival on only the most basic of levels.  Our world will be no more.  And little, if anything, will remain uncovered to show that we were ever here.  None of our written records will survive such long periods as the buried clay brick records of our own long gone ancestors have managed to survive (but are wasted on us moderns as we are not intelligent enough to take them as actual historical records but treat them as myth).  Our electronic records will all be lost and potentially for ever unrecoverable.  All our knowledge, apart from what is in the heads of those potential survivors, lost.  Gone.

OK, I know I have strayed a good way from what I started to write about, but bear this in mind – it all begins with what is happening right now.  And not just in Australia.  I chose to use Australia as an example because it is my country, and if future prospects play out as expected we could be one of the first peoples to disappear from the list of nations – our lands turned or returned to barren, uninhabitable, wilderness.

I will close with the claim that I am not a pessimist but someone who loves life, who wants to live to see these things at least partially unfold.  Not because I hate humanity.  I don’t.  I think we are a particularly special species.  But a species that has lost its way, turning destructive in the process.  We may always have been destructive, but in insufficient numbers to greatly affect our environment.  But now we have become a plague on our world and the balance must be reset.  That is unfortunately something we have not been able to achieve and perhaps are incapable of achieving by ourselves.  But the preserving factors of our natural world and the parental solar forces of our surrounding star system will ensure that will be brought about.    

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