US Coronavirus Research in Wuhan

There is a simple guiding premise to which anyone trying to analyse actions of the US government should give attention and credence.  It is this: – Anything, most commonly anti-social, anti-human, graceless and/or illegal activities, that the US government accuses someone else of doing, be that an individual, an organisation or a nation as a whole, is something that they (the US) have had a hand, their own hand or by arrangement with others, somewhere/somehow involved in the execution of that undesirable event or process.

That is an unfailing premise, and it can relate to something small, something big or even something world shattering – like COVID-19 – the cover name for the disease SARS-Cov-2 and aliased as the ‘Wuhan Flu’ and various other pseudonyms by the US.

So when the US loudly declares – as it did with COVID-19 – that it is China’s fault for releasing the deadly disease (with a death count sure to hit 1 million in the next couple of weeks it surely can be classified as ‘deadly’) on the world from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, you can be sure that the location is right (though I have always doubted that and am still yet to be convinced) but the story is either contrived or manipulated to incorrectly lay blame elsewhere and at the same time obscure their own (US’) hand in the process.

Now, I admit that I have not been following the COVID blame game closely and I may have missed something, but I think the active involvement of the US government in the research carried out in Wuhan, even if it has previously been publicly revealed, merits a refresher airing in an environment where, as far as the West is concerned, China is still viewed as responsible for the outbreak. 

See this ‘Just the News’ article (with video) – “Before pandemic, feds funded human coronavirus experiments in 2019 in China” – Just The News

The image below is of the named ‘Wuhan Institute of Virology’ (WIV) where, according to this report, the US sponsored work was carried out in 2019 and earlier years.

You have to read the story for yourself and make your own decision on this.

Evidence of US government grants to these projects is also supplied in the report, pointing to the link below on the ‘National Institutes of Health’ (NIH) website for the project titled “UNDERSTANDING THE RISK OF BAT CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCE”  

The US funding was provided to the EcoHealth Alliance which carries out research in China. President Trump cancelled that funding, presumably solely to distance the US from the virus outbreak (suspicious or not?), which resulted in a huge outcry from the scientific community involved, the funding was eventually reinstated and presumably the research is still ongoing. This is all news to me, as I said before, and it may also be to others – which is mostly why I am sharing it.

It all seems ‘legit’ but I would want to see some questions answered by experts.  I am not doubting Just the News or the story, since it kind of gels with known US activities almost globally – and who knows how much of that is genuine or dubiously underhand?  I don’t trust the Americans one little bit. Whatever the case, there was and is still, a heavy US presence and involvement in what goes on at the WIV in Wuhan.

None of that of course helps with the battle the world faces as a result of the virus, however, wherever, or in whatever way it got either deliberately or accidentally released or still possibly developed naturally, there or elsewhere.  It is probably here to stay, now, as just another part of the human experience and just one of the myriad of things that are constantly trying to kill us off – including ourselves.

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