A Never-Ending Story of Western Self-Deception – It’s Becoming a Little Tedious

“Kremlin: Novichok statements by intel chief, Foreign Office spokeswoman not contradictory” – TASS

Let’s get this straight – the only locations of the Nivichok nerve agent, to common knowledge today, is in the chemical warfare laboratories of the Disunited Kingdom and the Disunited States of America.  Nowhere else.

So, the West’s attempt to find disagreement between the statements made by Russian government spokespersons, to wit:

“…all stockpiles of chemical weapons had been destroyed, as certified by international observers”


“…Russia never had the nerve agent Novichok stockpiled”

…are entirely fruitless.  There is no disagreement between those statements with regard to Novichok, currently the West’s ‘objet du jour‘.

There is also no ambiguity in the statement that:

“…the German Foreign Office had not provided the Russian ambassador with any proof of its version of the (Navalny) incident”

The statement is unambiguously true.  There is no proof (there never is in these matters raised by the West) of the use of Novichok or any other chemical agent to allegedly poison the Russian opposition figure.  If such there were, it would undoubtedly be very embarrassing to one of their NATO allies – and it would have had to be administered outside Russia. 

These issues are always raised by Western interests purely to either divert, focus, or link attention to some other entirely unrelated matter. On this occasion it is obviously (all too obviously – can’t they see that? – are they so foolish as to think no-one will notice?) their signal failure to stop or influence European opinion against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline running between Russia and Germany.

All quotes are from the linked TASS story.

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