Are You Scared Yet?

Sharing this, without comment or apology.

This is not scaremongering.  You actually need to be scared.

“Cancel Everything” – Yascha Mounk – The Atlantic

2 thoughts on “Are You Scared Yet?

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  1. I’m stocking up on essentials and not going anywhere. I presume you’re doing the same. We’re not in the right age group for this thing.

    1. Good to hear from you Bev. Look after yourself. You’re doing the right thing.

      The wise are already prepared to a greater or lesser extent, though none of us know to what extent this disruption may evolve in terms of civilisational impact. But it has the potential for complete shutdown of the status quo and I think we both know there is no restart to that. I think we also both know that the disease is not the main risk here. It is the disruption that it causes to every other aspect of life in a ‘just in time’ based economy that is not in any way prepared for a prolonged upset to that philosophy.

      I have just done my weekly food shopping trip (the only time I usually venture out from home even in normal times) to the one shop I trust, owned and run completely by women who now know me by name, who are willing to order in for me items they don’t normally stock and who are all aware of the situation and well prepared to take care of themselves in an eventual shutdown of regional activity.

      You are right that neither of us is in the right age-group to get through this, but it will pass (the virus that is) and isolation is the best thing to do. Whatever happens, we have both done our bit to raise awareness – whether that has been at all effective, not being our concern. The world as a whole is not ready for this. And that is perhaps the way it should be.

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