Apocalypse Unveiled

So, the apocalypse is finally here.  Apocalypse, meaning not what is generally thought to mean but “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”, is right now, before our very eyes, unveiling or revealing itself.

A lot has been written about apocalypse, all of it, by definition, guesswork.  Now we will see the reality.

You need to be very afraid.  From this point in time nothing is going to be normal again.  At least not until what it all boils down to has reached some sort of plateau or, perhaps more appropriately, some kind of sunken plain – since everything we experience will be on a lower, more simple level, than we are and have heretofore been used to – and has achieved a new and persistent normality much reduced from today’s conception of that.

James Howard Kunstler, himself a long time herald of the coming, now upon us apocalypse, explains what is happening and gives some useful general advice:
“Things Take a Turn” – Kunstler blog

We were given a warning of what might be soon expected, back in 2008.  We ignored that warning as superstition.  If this, what is happening now, turns out to be another but sterner warning than the actual forewarned event is anticipated to be, we had better pay more attention and give more respect to it than we did last time.  Because if the apocalypse is not now upon us, it soon will be.

The world is not ready for that. But if we were ready, it wouldn’t be an apocalypse would it?

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