No, I’m not going loony and my Caps Lock key is not stuck in the down position. The title is for effect only.

I have not written much lately. Mainly because too much has already been written about what is the latest ‘crisis’ confronting humanity, and much of that is just guesswork. The result of which is a dazed and confused public – at least among those having little or no grounding in what energies drive the engine of social order in the modern world.

For my part, I have written about the winding down of social order (civilisation) for a number of years now and while I can make no claims to expertise in the subject, those years of observation have provided me with some reasonably clear image – whether valid or not – as to the nature of those driving energies mentioned earlier. Those images led me to a declaration last year and into this year that 2020 would be a milestone year in terms of the rate of decline – call it collapse if you like – of modern civilisation.

Everything that has occurred so far this year has given me no cause to regret that I made such a declaration. In fact those events tend to reinforce what I said. I won’t make a list. You just need to think back over the events of the past 2-3 months.

A major threat to mankind and one that has over the years figured prominently in the discussion, is the extreme likelihood of financial collapse precipitating a more general disintegration of social order. This risk has increased with each year that governments, mostly Western, have continually propped up their economies (to give the surface impression that they are soundly managed) with levels of debt that are now so overwhelming that they are far beyond the capability of ever being repaid – except possibly by the enslavement of future generations to work for nothing. The skeptic might wish to say such a regime is something the embrionic beginnings of which can be seen right now. Think massive youth unemployment – a generation of future slaves, pharmaceutically motivated. A world where if you re not among the elite, you are ‘on meds’ as a control methodology. Let’s not dwell on that, but move on.

Financial collapse has been somewhat overshadowed (obscured) this year by the increasing effect of climate change and even the ever present threat of nuclear war. There have always been other threats to also consider, including natural resource levels, food and water shortages, even natural disasters like famines, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and pandemics. But always, whether arising independently or alongside any or all of the other possibilities for the disruption of social order, financial collapse has lurked, mostly in the background because governments do not want their populations to be alarmed at the state of national financial affairs. They hedge around such issues and pretend to be in control of them, blaming previous administrations for the poor results and for the general impoverishment of the general populace.

Pandemics, for example, coming back to what I meant to be talking about here, have not been thought to be high priority issues, have generally occurred ‘somewhere else’, and have been jumped on effectively and always quite quickly. Not so with COVID-19. There has been a distinct lackadaisical attitude to this virus outbreak. Especially in the West.

So, what’s different this time?

I’m not going to make suggestions on such ideas as this virus was deliberately started, by whom it was started, or whether it might have been accidentally released from somewhere. Those things, for the time being are relatively unimportant.

I do want to make the observation that I think the hype over the virus is perhaps somewhat overblown, and whatever its true origin and whatever its eventual impact – even if it kills a few thousand (already done that), a few hundreds of thousands or a few or many millions as some (even officially) have predicted – the virus itself and the number of deaths it will be found to have caused is, I suggest, not the real problem. Not what we should be worrying about most – as devastating as that might be for those involved.

Putting that in perspective, objectively, we add between six and seven million souls to our population each and every month. So, even tens of millions of COVID-19 deaths will have been replaced, and soon forgotten (by most) within a few months. We can, I hasten to add for any subjectivists who may read this, only look at this situation through objective eyes. Weeping into your coffee can come later.

So, I repeat, what’s different this time?

Have you considered that governments, especially Western governments, may well be overjoyed at the intervention and intrusion of this latest viral outbreak in global affairs, viewing it as a smokescreen for their much larger problem of imminent financial failure? An intervention that provides them with a scapegoat (smokescreen, excuse, get out, object of blame, call it what you will) for what they are well aware is going to befall humanity with a certain degree of inevitability – all other recourses having already been tried and failed – at some stage this year, virus or no virus. A global economic collapse such as has never been seen before and from which there is no, absolutely no, prospect of recovery to a level of social order and complexity such as is known and which some of us enjoy and the rest of us regularly struggle with, today. COVID-19 more than adequately (and for governments, providentially) provides that smokescreen. It also, it may be said, more than adequately helps such a collapse along and could singularly, outside of any other cause, trigger it.

What a boon this is to any and all involved in running our world, to have this fortuitously globally damaging virus event to fall back on, deflecting any blame from themselves for the pain generated on all mankind.

Well, that’s one point of view. It’s mine. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it is eventually found to be fairly close to the mark.

Added after publication:

I posted this around 2am this morning. Reading it back just now, I think it was left a little incomplete. Allow me to add just one more statement.

So, whatever pain and suffering the COVID-19 virus may bring to the world in the next few months – and possibly annually thereafter – that will be incomparable with the greater suffering that will surely follow, and the potential for much larger numbers of casualties, with the ending of a civilisation which could well be stated to have already overrun its time. Yet through that suffering, humanity may, by some lucky chance, find its liberation in a further blessed opportunity to begin again, in a smaller and more simple way. If given the chance, I hope future generations will grasp it with a clearer and less corrupted vision of their role in the scheme of things than any past generation of their forebears have done.

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