Chaos – Reaching A Blow Point

The world we live in today, is one of chaos; of corruption; of fraud; of hate; of malice; of the twisting of truth and the schemings of evil men (and women).  And nowhere is this more sharply silhouetted against the background of time than in today's America.   Every day reveals some new facet of the... Continue Reading →


No, I'm not going loony and my Caps Lock key is not stuck in the down position. The title is for effect only. I have not written much lately. Mainly because too much has already been written about what is the latest 'crisis' confronting humanity, and much of that is just guesswork. The result of... Continue Reading →

Giving It All Away

US, NATO ‘very nervous’ about Corbyn’s disarmament plans – reports Photo credit: Britain's leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn © Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters At last.  Someone with a sensible solution to the risk of war.  Of course the US and NATO won't like it, but it seems the majority of British voters... Continue Reading →

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