Chaos – Reaching A Blow Point

The world we live in today, is one of chaos; of corruption; of fraud; of hate; of malice; of the twisting of truth and the schemings of evil men (and women).  And nowhere is this more sharply silhouetted against the background of time than in today’s America.  

Every day reveals some new facet of the disfigured jewel that once was a hopeful humanity, now enervated (I use that word with deliberation) by its own discoveries, supreme intelligence, and apparently unlimited horizons.  A place where only a few short decades ago such scenes as we witness today existed only in the prophetic imaginings of the few who with only the basis of misty impressions of what lay ahead to go on, laid out the vague possibilities we now witness.  And even fewer foresaw that it would take place so dramatically right now, or thereabouts.

One of these seers was, is in fact, Jim Kunstler, long time exponent of what he calls the Long Emergency that will result in a very different world from that we have known and in/of which we still exist within the now spilling entrails.  

I am happy to share this, his latest blog post, seeing past his overt tendencies to misogyny (we all have our faults, fetishes and foibles) to see the truth he portrays – and which is worth sharing.  Things cannot go on as they have for much longer.  Something must blow.  Something must be destroyed to achieve something new.  Some things must be cast aside to enable a new tomorrow.  Otherwise, what is all this about?

The only question I have is, will this happen, will it all be resolved, before November 3 or the anticipated inauguration date in January?  Or not?  I have concluded that this is not in fact important.  Primarily because I see that any resolution, worthy of the name, will make any result of any sort of election totally irrelevant – the appointed position having been made summarily disfunctional by the turn of events.  The ‘United’ States no longer being a functional entity – with all that would mean for the rest of the world in the broader expansion of that bombshell for the global community.  Every supporting pillar of which, already and for a long time now under threat, all inextricably interwoven in a web of mutual involvement and partnership, will simultaneously collapse.

Watch it happen.

“Tomorrow, Come Here Tomorrow….” – Jim Kunstler

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