Whose Got The Wuhan Willies?

Whoa! What’s going on? Australia going against official US opinion? How so?

Well, it’s quite simple really. The US administration and their intelligence (that always brings a smile to my face) community (neither of which has any ‘believability’ credits left in their public accounts) have a line to push. No, it’s not ‘Russiagate’. That one has already been thoroughly discredited and laid to rest. This time, as a result of America’s piss-poor response to the coronavirus pandemic and the bizarrely totemic rating the grisly statistics from that response and the nation’s utter unpreparedness to cope with such an event has secured for them, they need to find someone else to blame for the cost and the bad publicity it has engendered.

Having just failed to pin anything on Russia for another of their own failures, the US could not look in that direction again (yet). And because of their leader’s love affair with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and new-found respect for Iran’s capability to hit them where it hurts, they could not turn in those directions either. So it became China’s turn for an attempted whipping. Hence the unsupported story of the Wuhan Lab leak as the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Will they ever learn to engage their brain before using their vocal muscles?

There is no basis to the notion of a viral breakout from Wuhan and whenever Piggy Pompeo claims there is ‘Massive Evidence’ for such a thing, you automatically know that no such evidence exists. Still, once vocalised, the game must be played out until it cannot be played out any longer. So, where to look for support? Ah, yes, Australia! They are always an easy mark, and usually more than willing to comply with US policy lines. They won’t even notice if we conduct a little ‘political interference’ with their (our) media. That will be a sure cure for our Wuhan willies.

Well, turns out we Aussies are not as dumb as we look, and our Prime Minister has somehow had his backbone stiffened some. Has he learned it is not all sweetness and light being Trump’s best buddy? Or is it that he doesn’t want to alienate us from China (on whom, thankfully, we greatly depend for economic reasons) any more than he already has done this week (and earlier).

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this SCMP report…
“Australia ‘concerned’ over reports US may have leaked documents to boost Donald Trump’s Wuhan lab claims” – SCMP

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