Rambo No More

“Operation GIDEON: New Details Emerge Linking U.S. to Latest Coup Attempt in Venezuela” – CovertAction Magazine

I’m sharing this for two reasons.  One is that I feel the world needs to know, and such knowledge will not generally be forthcoming from those powerful forces at the centre of such desperate events.

The other is that it clearly demonstrates both the desperation and total inadequacy of the depraved US administration or its spooky intelligence groups, or private military operatives, for the need to organise the overthrow of governments of foreign sovereign nations wherever such needs are seen to be required in order to meet their own selfish ends. 

Such capability is quite obviously both beyond the means of the US since the early years of the 21st century (though they may still be too dumb to cease half-baked attempts for a while longer) and they must know that the world will no longer tolerate such disgusting unilateral behaviour.  There is no longer a place for US ‘cowboy’ or ‘Rambo’ operations anywhere in the world.

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