The Fat Lady Approaches

It’s getting serious now, and there’s a more sombre tone emanating from the latest Kunstler post. I have to agree.

The capitalism based society is on its knees, laid low, brought to a screaming halt by optically invisible forces acting on its captive constituent source of power – you, me and us.

Some capitalists may dispute that definition, convinced it is their brains, their entrepreneurship, their investment strategies that drive the phenomenon.  But they are fools who will soon begin to see that their ideas, their enterprises, their money have not survived the test of inactivity and are incapable of performing a restart.  And even those that have somehow managed to struggle through, still in some measure intact, have not taken into account their co-dependencies on many other ideas, enterprises and sources of money.

The world is expecting to restart from where it left off, before the pandemic.  That, I’m afraid, is not going to happen.  In many cases it cannot happen.  In others it simply will not happpen, because we will be living in a whole new paradigm.

But Jim tells it best.  Allow him to explain… 

“When the Birdies Sing Like the Fat Lady” – Kunstler

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