When He Steers Clear of China (about which he knows nothing), Kunstler is Brilliant (well, sometimes – let’s not go overboard)

The latest blog post is an example of that brilliance.

Gestapo the Steal‘ – Kunstler

The time for the downfall of Hillary, the DOJ, the FBI, a whole host of multitudes of other individuals (including Obama) Kunstler has railed against (which position I have personally supported) with persistent patience from somewhere between 2016 to 2020 (precise dates are unimportant – except in court) and occasionally more recently, is coming. The locomotive of justice is thundering down the track at last (at least it begins to look that way).

Patience is a virtue they say. Oh boy! I expect Jim is really feeling that virtue pumping through his veins right now. But hold on, this could still take years to iron out in US courts and there is enough dirt to spread around to ensure considerably more Epstein style loose ends to be tidied up in order to protect the guilty. That’s kind of the American way.

But I expect there will be heaps of fun to be had for the detached onlooker, and a whole load of discomfort for the participants who don’t get short-circuited or take the easy way out themselves.

It’s hard to know if the good ol’ USA itself will still be standing long enough for a full reveal of all the evidence of the grim shenanigans that have been perpetrated, piled up in boxes or on someone’s laptop somewhere.

…and in that case, will anyone care?

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