China is For Moving Forward; The West is For Moving Backward by Standing Still

We are in a New Era – you may or may not have noticed, but it is true. The old era, the old ‘order’ as the totalitarians would have it, is left, dying slowly – as usually occurs in change of eras (except cataclysmic ones). And it seems that the new name for the new era has already been set. None other than Chinese President Xi Jinping, is using it by referring to the ‘New Era’. I like that.

The old era, whatever it started out as – I think that was back in the mid-20th century, following WW2 and was unofficially termed the Brave New World after the Aldous Huxley dystopian novel of that name, penned in the 1930s – and that is exactly how it turned out to be. It turned, in its final decades into something resembling an ‘order’- since ‘order’ is the totalitarian way. And the current bunch of delusional totalitarians (who still are not fully aware that their plans will never be implemented) wanted the new era to be called the ‘New World Order’ or the ‘Rules Based Order’ – thus signifying their intentions as its supposed overlords. I have elsewhere referred to it as being a ‘New Dark Age for Mankind’. They even proposed a retrograde step as being necessary to introduce that new order. They called it a ‘Great Reset’. They haven’t managed to engineer that yet, but they are working on it. We might get some idea of the planned totalitarian future by asking the question – What is a ‘reset’?

A ‘reset’ is a reversion to an earlier point in time. The time to which they are considering reverting is, I think, ‘The Thousand Year Reich’ in which we would now be living if the Russians (Soviets) hadn’t put a stop to the plan in the 1940s. A reset to that time has been ordered. And an ‘ordered’ reset means it must be complied with. No choice involved. Well, we don’t want any part of that, do we?

The ‘new totalitarians’, you may have guessed, are what is generally referred to today as ‘the combined west’. Those who seek to impose ‘democracy’ wherever they can.

Thank goodness certain sections of humanity had and have the vision to see and work towards a better way. A much better and vastly more enlightened way. And they have the wisdom to call it a ‘New Era’. There is nothing ‘ordered’ or ‘totalitarian’ about that – though the poor deluded devils who now suffer under totalitarian ‘democracy’ are largely unable to see or even comprehend that. Some can. I am one. Just one of a growing number of folk the world over who desire and long for an era where ‘order’ imposed by a few seems like a bad dream from the past. Instead, we dream of an era of cooperative and peaceful progress, where every person is considered valuable and respected.

The new era has already started. There are two goals which must be completed before it can fully develop. The Eurasian supercontinent must become united. There are two aspects to that.

First, the westward borders must be secured against totalitarian interference. Russia began that process in February of this year 2022 – and that goal will be accomplished, even if it means driving the totalitarians from the shores of Europe completely.

Secondly, China must be reunified. The separation of the island of Taiwan from the Chinese mainland by totalitarian separatists back at the beginning of the previous era, must be reversed to restore control to the rightful government of China. This is a point in which the current totalitarians are able to interfere in Chinese affairs by supporting the separatists. A recovering of the island to Chinese control will nullify such interference. Then the totalitarians will be unable to penetrate and negatively influence Eurasian integration and progress anywhere.

So, those are the goals. And both will be shortly realised.

Take a look at President Xi’s viewpoint in this XihuaNet article, and catch something of the new spirit of cooperation and joint friendly progress that is in the air now.

‘Xinhua Commentary: Grasp the new starting point for China’s reunification’ – Source: Xinhua – Editor: huaxia – 2022-08-12 18:36:15

I have no doubt there will be difficulties along the way to the blossoming of this New Era. Important and potentially insurmountable issues loom for all of mankind, but wouldn’t it be better and offer a better chance of us making solid headway through what may be dark times ahead if we do so united in cooperative endeavour instead of constantly warring against each other – as has been the case for the entirety of the previous era just ending – and which is the planned future of the totalitarian retards if they should somehow prevail? We must ensure that they do not.

Align with Russia, China, and the whole of Eurasia.

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