Obama’s Self-Preservation Attempt

He would, if he could, but he can’t. So he wants Uncle Joe to do it. No hope of that.

What am I talking about?

Well, it’s this report of how he is now sweating bricks (sweating ‘bullets’ if you are American) over recent developments in settling the Russiagate affair (bringing to justice those responsible in the US hierarchy of subterfuge and mayhem aka government and affiliated agencies of influence) being brought on and I hope vastly developed by the current AG William Barr & associates – ” ‘There is no precedent that anybody can find’: Obama reportedly excoriated the DOJ’s decision to drop the Michael Flynn case in a private call” – Business Insider via Yahoo! News.

Of course the Obama person is worried. And he needs to be worried. The tentacles of this settling of affairs are destined to reach out to grasp his skinny legs and arms and detain him for some jail time over his part in the great deception foisted on the American people and the world as his administration folded, or closed – however you want to put it. His future liberty is at stake. His fake reputation as a peace warrior already having been truly burned at the stake.

So Obama will be doing all that he can to prevent the Trump monster from renewing his contract for another four years in office, if that contract actually gets signed by anybody at all.

The Trump monster doesn’t really have much to worry about there anyway. He will make sure his rotund cheeks are firmly glued to the chair somehow and some mummified zombie Biden figure will be utterly incapable of removing them, if he is even still walking and mumbling incoherently to anybody who might listen when that time comes around.

It is a poor state of affairs that America has gotten itself into in this century – the century following the ‘American Century’. Shouldn’t someone be pointing that out to them. Their time has come and gone. They are now a ‘hasbeen’ nation. Time to move on. They had their time and fluffed it. Merge back into the crowd, and hope they don’t notice you are still there. It’s someone else’s turn. If in fact anybody gets the opportunity to have a turn. That’s not guaranteed. And it is definitely not the turn of ‘She who thought it was her turn last time’.

We could be looking at the DIY century, the isolation century, the go it alone century, with little or no world trade. And I’m not talking about any medically induced isolation due to some virus or other (though that is also not guaranteed), but to an isolation born from necessity. In other words due to an incapability to make international trade with the ease that we have become accustomed to enjoying.

Sucks if you are an island nation, such as Australia.

Aw-shucks, I’ve gone off topic. Better finish here.

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