West No Longer in a Position to Dictate International Affairs

Oh dear, the Germans never fail to amuse do they.  ‘Amuse’ in the sense of the impertinence of the positions they declare in the arena of international affairs.

‘German top diplomat stresses need to include Russia, China in negotiations on Afghanistan’ – TASS

This is about the negotiations on Afghanistan, which is in fact nobody’s business but the Afghans. Still, the world, and perhaps even the Afghan people, would not feel satisfied if there were not some kind of inclusive discussion for that country coming out of the two decade tragedy they have suffered at the hands of Western interests and building some sort of better future than what they have endured over that time of foreign military occupation.

So, if there are to be negotiations, then who is involved should not be the prerogative of Germany, itself still an occupied country, to determine. Nor, if justice is to be seen to be done, should such considerations be up to any other Western nation or organisation. If, say, Britain or France were not to be included in those discussions, that would have little impact on the proceedings. If Germany were invited but decided not to show up, that would have zero impact. And if the US, the major part of the actual occupying force, were somehow barred from attending, that would be in everyone’s best interests.

But both Russia and China are essential components of such discussions for there to be a successful outcome, and I doubt Afghanistan – itself no longer being subject to a Western puppet government – would accept anything less. I dare say that Iran will also be just as welcome and essential to that process, as a neighbouring country. The same goes for all Afghan’s neighbours. They all should take priority over any Western nations – which have held rank now for so long that it is difficult for them to recognise they are no longer in charge of, nor even essential components in discussions on regional and perhaps even global affairs. Has not the West done enough damage already? The responsibility rests solely with Western nations for the whole ghastly two-decade horror show. And for what reason? There is no reason for their further involvement. Except perhaps to offer financial reparation and to be the subject of war crimes enquiries where appropriate.

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