More Deception Than Distraction?

It is fitting that the United States is led at this moment in time by a staggering corpse of a leader who more than adequately represents the state of the nation and the seeking-but-never-quite-made-it-to-empire he leads.  An established empire has no enemies – until it begins to disintegrate internally.  But the US has always recognised ‘enemies’ that are, and always were, seen as a threat to its existence.  Then, one day, the biggest threat to the nation state, is the state or condition of the state itself.  From that point on, there is no turning back the clock.  No ‘Undo’ button. 

Focussing on the outfall of the US collapse in Afghanistan, is an analysis of recent events: ‘This is what a dying empire looks like’ – Guest analysis by Aram Mirzaei on Saker blog

Mirzaei raises a point I have been considering myself over recent days (wish I had gone public earlier).  The question is, has the US itself been solely responsible for all deaths in and around the Afghan International Airport over the past few days before it completely evacuated today, Tuesday August 31, 2021?

The Pentagon/US Intelligence Services obviously had an urgent need for some distraction from the mayhem they had themselves caused.  The Taliban were obviously not interested in providing such a focus shifting exercise for them (they have their own reputational rehabilitation issues to nurse).  Did they (Pentagon/USIS) therefore create their own event by first announcing a coming terrorist attack days prior to the event? Was it an event which they themselves actually staged?  There are stories, reasonably credible stories, that the supposedly elite US soldiery sent to guard the airport were actually responsible for most if not all 200 deaths outside the airport walls. Did they panic, or were they ordered to shoot civilians? Where is the blast damage from a explosion big enough to have killed 200 people and injure hundreds more?  What will the surviving wounded have to say on that?  How come, with their less than glowing record on intelligence issues did the US first become aware of such a threat beforehand and then do nothing to prevent it from happening?  We only have their word that ISIS-K claimed responsibility.  And we only have their word that the ‘retaliation’ drone attacks (2 of them) actually killed ISIS-K operatives (in addition to the many innocent civilians also harmed or killed).  The lives of a few US military folk are small price to pay (and to garner a little additional sympathy) for the resultant distraction and dubious hoped for recovery of their much tarnished status – at least in their own twisted minds.  And ISIS-K – few if anyone would have been aware that such a group exists before last week.  Is this another US implemented terror weapon as the original ISIS itself was?

Some or all of that may never be openly admitted.  But we know how they work now, don’t we?  We are no longer just dumb, uninformed, opinion-less citizens, are we?

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