Is Your COVID Vaccine Aging You Prematurely?

A disturbing article published in the French Newsletter FranceSoir (in the French language, naturally) poses and discusses the title question. The authors are listed in the piece – a citizens panel apparently – and their medical status is not given. However, a great many published medical papers are referenced (with links) and I have no doubt that the discussion merits some thought. No doubt also that we will hear more on this in the future if the idea catches on in the wider public domain – as it certainly should, given the veracity of the evidence. Even though some of the questions do not yet have answers.

‘The SARS COV2 would accelerate the biological age’ – FranceSoir

That link is the original French language version. I thank Ilargi of The Automatic Earth for finding it. The article is too long to repeat the whole of it in English but I provide translated sections below (using my browser translator) to give an idea of the content. These extracts cover the beginning, an important section from the body of the work, and the concluding remarks. If this sparks interest, I am sure it will not be difficult to translate the whole document for yourself online. Much of the rest of the article is too medically technical to be useful in this setting in any case – but will be necessary to consult for the documented medical text references (which I suspect will also mostly be in French).

To be forewarned is to be forearmed – if you have not yet succumbed to either the vaccination or the actual disease itself. And it is even useful information for those who have so succumbed. A remedy for reducing such potential effects is given – antioxident ingestion. What else would it possibly be? A natural remedy for natural or unnatural effects of internal physical abuse – however it was sustained.

Now to the details. The French-English translation is more literal than it might have been, but still readable. The rest is up to you. All that follows is translated quotes from the article. I will say no more.

Do you know the word “senescence” ? Senescence is in biology, the physiological process that results in the breakdown of the functions of the cell over time. In other words, senescence, from the latin senex ” old age “, is the aging of organisms. Of all time, scientists have sought to reverse the ageing trying to respect the chinese proverb taken by Malraux – “it is necessary to add life to years and not years to life.”

Several recent studies tend to demonstrate that SARS-CoV2 would accelerate the biological age of cells. How ? By acting on the size of the telomeres, the sequences of DNA that protect the ends of chromosomes, which shorten with each cell division.

In April 2021, a study of chinese Yuyang Lei and Jiao Zhang, published on Circulation Research underlines that the main pathogen of the virus Covid-19 is its protein peak, called Spike. The protein-edge surrounds the viral capsid and allows him to enter into the cells to infect them. In this study, the researchers isolated Spike by installing it on an empty core, and then inoculated into guinea pigs, in order to observe its effect on the body. The animals showed damage to the lungs and the arteries associated with an inflammation of the endothelial cells. The team has reproduced the experiment in vitro on human endothelial cells healthy : protein peak is related to the receptor ACE2, damaging the mitochondria of the cells, causing micro-thromboses and endothélites. The conclusions are clear : the Spike protein only causes most of the symptoms of Covid-19 (Covid in the rest of the article).

A few questions then burned the lips :

  • If it is proven that the SARS-CoV2 induces a cellular aging accelerated, and that the head of this senescence is none other than the Spike protein, how to be absolutely certain that the vaccines currently on the market, all based on the Spike, do not lead to accelerated deterioration of the cells of the vaccinated people ?
  • What are the links between the mechanisms involved in the senescence-related telomere shortening and vaccines ?

Part of the answer in this article. We caution the reader that some of the paragraphs require a certain knowledge in biology or biochemistry. The conclusion is oriented general public.

The oxidative stress is responsible for the shortening of telomeres in the Covid

The oxidative stress induced by vaccination Mrna (Pfizer, Moderna) is also responsible for the shortening of telomeres ?


These studies and observations provide key information on the disease and a fundamental answer to the question of the greater sensitivity of the elderly or immuno-deficient disease. In fact, with aging, the telomere deteriorate and affect cell reproduction. The SARS-CoV2 would lead to an ageing of the biological age or acceleration of the biological age through a shortening increased telomere.

The question can legitimately be asked is the following : the spike protein the active vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna…) soliciting/boquant the receptor ACE2 is not likely to inhibit the function beneficial for the protection of telomeres and thus also activate the aging process ?

Professor Montagnier says : “to prevent senescence, take antioxidants ! I say this for 30 years, I would add now : to not lose my telomeres “.

Several questions arise about the virus :

1 – Is it better to catch the disease haphazard way and develop an immune response in the overall natural or try the experience vaccine with the many side effects reported by the pharmacovigilance system, as well as a risk of cellular senescence increased ?

2 – The deterioration of the biological age, is it the same in patients with Covid and in vaccinated ? One has it worse than the other ? At this stage, a person can not give a specific answer to these questions.

Always is it that this virus leads to an increase of the biological age in people who are infected with the disease including the effect is likely to be accentuated by the injection of vaccine. With the decrease of the efficiency on the contamination, so it is essential to prevent worsening of the disease and for that early treatment is imperative.

Leaving evolve the disease beyond the first few days and using vaccines as a single solution, there is a risk that it leads to a reduction of the time of life of both adults and children. At a time when both women and men are looking to age in the best conditions and to stay young as late as possible, you want to take the risk with regular injections to ruin all the effort ? In front of the willingness to immunize children who are not affected by the SARS-CoV2, it should not be the cure be worse than the evil.

In the Face of the feelings of some patients who have contracted Covid and/or some vaccinated people testifying that they have the ” print to have taken ten years of a coup “, the science would bring-it-to-point named, once again, evidence of response in favour of early treatment ? One last step, that some will not hesitate to take, is to declare that the acceleration of the biological age would result in a decrease in life expectancy.

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