Aussie Truckies Blockade Latest

So, what’s happening with the Aussie Truckies Blockade, said to be stopping the nation.  Well, to be honest, not very much.  Some isolated actions have been seen but not the coordinated stoppage that was envisioned I think.

But… and it is a big BUT… the goalposts have been moved by the Queensland government to delay the start of a No Jab No Work rule for truckies in or entering the state of Queensland (which was the final straw that triggered the truckie outrage – although there is high discontent of a more general nature around lockdowns, vaccines etc.), moved from last Monday to next Monday.  So truckies have another week of work to do before they no longer can.  And since it is claimed that 80% of truckies are unjabbed, the effect of the new rule will itself mean transport grinds to a halt more or less without any truckie action – of which I am sure there will be plenty when the crunch comes.  But expect sporadic disruptions throughout the week.

A couple of YouTube videos from yesterday and today…

The second is from TV Channel 10 – which is more or less obliged to also show the government line…

More to follow, I am sure

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