Timed To Perfection

Doors slam shut for the US. Afghanistan, while being the latest closed chapter of history for them, is in no way the last. But are the Americans capable of recognising those things as meaningful events? Do they even question why such things occur, or do they simply make up their own falsified account of events to justify what they can never admit as being failures?

Some of the things I write about here on this blog are generalised in time, some from the past and others concerning the future. Occasionally I produce a story that relates to a specific moment in time. This is one of those. It is a story on an event timed to perfection. It is a China story. China is very good at presenting such spectacles. Well, they have had thousands of years of developed culture to practice the arts of patience and timing. And they have mostly used those years of practice to hone those skills very finely.

For the US, an infant in cultural awareness, the times have not been kind recently. You might alternatively say that the times, overall, have actually been indifferent to the Americans, which may well be true, and it is they themselves who by cunning and deception have risen to a dominant position, but also that by their own complacency and conceit have dug their own grave on the what seems to be a fairly steep downside curve. Whatever the major cause or influence on the Afghan situation, the US today presents a sorry sight viewed from many directions – no better described than in Jim Kunstler’s latest blog post, which is actually only incidental, as a side note to my story.

I do not think it necessary for me to labour the point that for more than a hundred years now, China has been the subject of US domination and bullying. The facts are recorded history. Though always far exceeding the US in population numbers, a fact probably contributing among many other factors to the relative poverty of the Chinese people. All the while, China, placidly for the most part, dealt with the US, as with other neighbours (including the Russians) as best they were able within their means. Occasionally that led to disaster, as with the Japanese invasion last century, but always, I assume, looking to a time when they could stand boldly as an equally competent nation among peers. They worked hard, and quietly for the most part, taking on tasks that other parts of the world found unproductive or too expensive to perform themselves. Today, a modern China, based on those past decades of hard work has risen to be the equal of the best and overshadowing the rest in economic, scientific, cultural and also military activity, among other things, and has achieved that both peacefully and without giving major offence (other than falsely perceived) to anyone else. China has lifted a large part of its population out of poverty while other major nations have slid further in the opposite direction and has even begun to offload some of the global industrial production burden to other smaller Asian nations to assist in their own development. China has become a model of beneficial and cooperative nationhood to the world, again while others again while others are increasingly becoming nests of verminous oppression to even their own people. Of course much of this transformation has been withheld from perhaps a majority of the world’s people, by subterfuge and propaganda, led, it has to be said, by the outgoing lead nation, the United States of America.

OK, I have ‘laboured the point’ far longer than I intended, but these things are necessary to be known and they rarely get said. So, where does that leave us?

Actually it finds us with a nation, even in its own death throws (which it does not yet recognise), still trying to bully China – but without any real substance to back up its stance. China today can stand face to face, toe to toe with the US in all aspects, look it squarely in the eye, and declare ‘No more Bullshit from you’, or words to that effect. And it has chosen to do so with perfect timing. Spot on, perfect timing.

The US is reeling – mostly with shock I think, having suffered little in personal harm from its misadventures in the land of the Taliban – and is unsure just where it stands now, in a world that has suddenly realised that the US Behemoth has been reduced to the stature of a mouse by a few thousand people of the hills, and has no means to correct that perception. Nor does it have anywhere to send its now surplus-to-requirements troops. Nowhere friendly or receptive to its unworthy causes and purposes at least.

It may soon or now realise that where it has (perhaps, but seems likely) chosen to hide some of them recently, was a huge and utterly stupid mistake. One that is likely (if true) to plunge them into a final, all encompassing military defeat at the hands of China. And all at exactly the time that their economy is about to tank and slump the country into an unrecoverable economic sinkhole.

I am sure the US does not yet recognise that this is the position they are now plodding towards. They currently think they may recover some of their recently lost prestige by pressing China in a West Pacific geopolitical vice, with their few remaining ‘friends’. I wonder what their ‘friends’ are now thinking of that possibility? They will be hoping I think that this does not escalate into anything more than bluster and sanctions. China has nothing to fear from them, while they (US allies) must know that they are taking a big risk by remaining in that alliance.

Global Times Chief Editor, Hu Xijin, plainly lays out the facts of this situation in his editorial here…

‘After disgraceful Afghan retreat, will US do well in Western Pacific?: Global Times editorial’

This marks a change in Chinese attitude to US provocations. China has every cause to be angry (and aggressive if necessary) since it has come to light the possibility – soon to be verified I’m sure – just where the US has hidden its troops. Thirty thousand of them according to reports. This report, another Global Times editorial from Hu, dated exactly two weeks ago today, declares that they are based on Chinese soil on the Chinese island of Taiwan. How damnably impertinent of the US, in fact how terminally stupid of them to even consider such an act of ultimate provocation? Little wonder that China is angered to the point of threatening the destruction of these troops, if proven true. And you can bet China will find the truth of the matter.

The world should prepare for an imminent invasion of Taiwan. Although, technically, a nation cannot invade its own territory. OK. So, prepare for an imminent recovery of Chinese territory by the Chinese PLA. And woe betide any US troops found there. Here is Hu’s editorial from two weeks ago.

‘If there are US troops present on Taiwan island, China will crush them by force: Global Times editorial’

Just think on this for a moment. China has known, and has declared that it knows, of the possibility of illegal occupation of Taiwan by US troops for at least two weeks. They have patiently, as possibly only China could, sat with this knowledge for those two weeks (allowing the US ample time to withdraw – secretly or not, as they chose), and awaiting the perfect moment to pounce and liberate their fellow countryfolk. That moment came at midnight on August 31, the deadline for US departure and ignominious defeat and humiliation of the US military from Afghanistan.

Would it not be an historical event to begin this territorial recovery operation right now, today? Is it going to be a moment timed to perfection? I don’t know, any more than you do. But what an opportunity? We will know if it is taken soon enough.

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