Taliban Gifted Alladin’s Cave

Life’s fortunes have turned a new page for the Taliban.  Time for a party.

A helicopter displaying a Taliban flag fly above of supporters gathered to celebrate the US withdrawal of all its troops out of Afghanistan, in Kandahar on September 1, 2021 following the Taliban’s military takeover of the country. Taliban JAVED TANVEER / AFP © AFP

The joyfully received Treasure Trove uncovers a world of wonder – New Mil-suits for the troops, new Rumble-wagons, and even some new Whirly-birds.  All beneficently gifted by Uncle Sam.  Aren’t Americans wonderful?

I suspect there may also be other fine gifts, not yet unwrapped.

‘Dozens of vehicles & Black Hawk flyover: Taliban holds military parade in Kandahar showing off seized US-made weapons (VIDEOS)’ – RT

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