Give A People Too Much Liberty, They Will Create A Train-Wreck

This is not a script that will be much enjoyed by libertarians, I am prepared for that. But hear me out. Your future wellbeing may depend on it.

Freedom is a good thing. Freedom and liberty to move, to act, to make one’s own way in life, to assist and be given assistance where necessary, to speak freely, to not be harrassed or coerced, to not be lied to, cheated, or stolen from, these are good things – in a controlled environment. But to enjoy such freedoms in a free-for-all society, is another thing entirely.

You will note that the above freedoms do not include the ownership of guns. Nor for anyone else to own guns. They also do not include the right to prosper at anyone else’s expense or detriment. Nor at a far greater rate than others, causing inequalities and a divided society. The things I mentioned, also do not encompass the valuing of one person’s effort, nor their gender, to be far in excess of any other person. In a controlled society, guidelines can be set to ensure that such things do not happen. But in an uncontrolled society, all such things become enshrined as rights, and any curtailment of those rights are viewed as a denial of liberty.

Too much liberty is not necessarily a good thing. Actually it is not at all a good thing. Allow people to do whatever they want, give them the power to create wealth for themselves, to disrupt the lives of others in any way they like, the most powerful eventually taking control of the running of society, and you will end up with something like modern America, or indeed any other Western state you can think of. Where the dreams of the ruling class have become so removed from reality that they resemble a fairy-tale Utopia – for themselves. Until reality bites. At which point the dream dissolves to form a total train-wreck – for everybody, rich and poor.

A society so unequal that it eats itself and destroys everything that is good and clean and wholesome which may have somehow developed alongside and in spite of the greed and hate, and the miasma of personal despotism which demands a clawing one’s way to the top of the heap, is not a society that will have a long history. And such history as it may have will be retrospectively seen as having had no enduring value or merit. I cite the current Western way of life as probably the best example throughout human history. Modern Western culture will undoubtedly be short lived, and it is becoming more evident that it has not long to remain as the default lifestyle for a great many people. But most of those people will not see it that way until the point of time where they are gazing up, with a dazed stare, from the bottom of the bucket into which their life has just fallen – in wonderment at what might just have happened – should they be so lucky.

Something must have stirred me up to write this, and there was, thankfully, that something. Unfortunately it did not come from the Western side of humanity. I have been watching the growth of Chine for a while now (Russia too, which is in the same situation, whether more direly situated than China, or not, I am not qualified to say, but anyway, let’s just stick with China for now), and I have been thinking “Are the Chinese making the same mistakes as the West? Will they end up in the same condition eventually, for the same reasons?”. Well, I am relieved to find that China still has some adults in the room (apparently all who use adult toilet facilities in Western halls of power, are imposters). Adults who, among those close to the Chinese nation’s leadership, are well aware of the possible consequences of wrong steps being taken. One of them of course is President Xi.

China, so recently (I’m talking decades) enamoured by Western values – which basically means they give the appearance at least of having been suckered into dabbling with danger by the endless propaganda barrage from the West – into ‘opening up’ its economy to certain Westernised practices and ‘freedoms’. Perhaps that was inevitable and also necessary for China’s greatness to emerge and blossom. The results are plainly obvious for all to see – China now being the equal of the top Western economy on some measures (GDP being the choice of the West due to its ability to hide aspects of reality). So, thank goodness for still enlightened beings. Let’s take a look at what I mean…

This post appeared on Asia Times, which probably means that most folk will not have seen it. It lays the basis for what I am saying: “China on the cusp of a ‘profound transformation’” – Jeff Pao for Asia Times – August 31, 2021. It carries the sub-title of – “A widely circulated commentary carried on state media could herald what some see as an emerging Cultural Revolution 2.0” – which ought to be intriguing enough for most to at least ‘have a gleg’ (old saying from my own home county of Lincolnshire in UK). Goo-onnn… ‘ave a gleg.

See what I mean? Somebody has got their head screwed on right, don’t you think?

Someone else who has their head screwed on right, at least on this subject, is Moon of Alabama, who lists a whole string of recent Chinese announcements based around this new wave of fresh air now in motion – With Xi’s full endorsement I believe (from first paragraph of Jeff Pao’s piece). I would like to go on, but exhaustion sets in, so I will leave you with MoA’s fine report:

“To Counter U.S. Hostility China Moves Towards People Centered Policies” – MoA – September 01, 2021

Just one more thing. A reference in that first paragraph of Pao’s report to a People’s Daily bulletin from a known Maoist (Pao’s words) – “Everyone can feel that a profound change is being made!” (Translation)

I translated this piece, and consider it well worth the effort to read it. It may become a rock in the foundation of the saving of China from the fate of the West.

I am not going to say what all of this means – a) I am not qualified to do so, b) if you are truly an adult, you will be able to form your own opinion – or at least to discuss it sensibly with trusted others. You owe that to yourself and to those you love.

Here is the first translated paragraph and the final few. You may need to labour a little to get the gist, and labour even more if you want to read it all…

The Chinese entertainment circle has been no shortage of stinking dirt, shortly before the successive burst Wu also where, Hall enjoy the chaos and Zhang Zhe Han to the Japanese Shrine worship the Ghost of a thing recently and broke Hunan TV presenter money Maple alleged rape others, the overall makes people feel the Chinese entertainment circle has suck up. If no improvement, not only in the entertainment circle sucks, the entire cultural, literary circle, showbiz, film and television circle are also sucks up.

From ants listing is halted to a Central consolidation of the economic order, antitrust, to Ali fined 182 billion and Didi is the search to the Central commemorate the founding of the 100 anniversary of the proposed walked common prosperity of the road, and most recently for the entertainment chaos of a series of remediation actions, are telling us that China is undergoing major changes, from the economic and financial areas, cultural areas to the political sphere in the occurrence of a profound change, or it can be said to be a profound revolution. This is the time from the Capital Group to the people of the regression, which is a Capital-Centric to a people-centred change. Therefore, this is a game of political change, people are re-become the revolution of the body, all blocking this field to people-centered changes will be discarded. This profound change is also a return to the Communist Party of the beginning of the heart return to a people-centred regression toward the socialist nature of the return.

This change will rejuvenate all the dust, the capital market is no longer a capitalist flourishes of heaven, the cultural market ceased to be a pussy the stars of the heaven, the news media is no longer a worship Western culture of positions, the red regression, the heroes return, the bloody return. Therefore we need to govern all cultural chaos, building fresh, healthy, masculine, tough, to the people of the present culture, we need to combat the Capital Markets Capital manipulation, platform monopolies through eating, 劣币驱逐良币 of chaos, to guide the flow of funds to the entities, the flow of high-tech enterprises, the flow of the manufacturing industry, the current is conducted from a governance training institutions, school districts rooms start of the governance of educational chaos, to make education truly the return of the civilian population, fairness, so that the ordinary people have an upward flow of the space, the future is also to governance high price, high medical bills, thoroughly razed to education, health, housing three big mountain. Although we do not engage in 杀富济贫, but the need to effectively address the rich get richer and the poor more poor income gap growing problem, the common prosperity is to allow ordinary workers in the social distribution of wealth to be able to get more income. This change will give us the social brings a new series of weather, the current of the entertainment circle, the literary circle, the film and television circle of remediation efforts are not enough, to use all means to fight the current social presence on a variety of chasing stars, rice circle phenomenon, the complete elimination of gender in the pussy and small meat phenomenon, the real entertainment, Literary Circle, Film and television circle wind, gas n, we have all kinds of literary and art workers, film workers are going down to the grassroots, so that ordinary workers, ordinary people become the literary art of the protagonist and the protagonist.

Currently, China is facing more and more severe complex international environment, the United States is on China’s implementation of increasingly stringent military, economic and technological blockades, the financial blow, political and diplomatic siege, being on China to wage biological warfare, network warfare, public opinion warfare, space warfare, the intensity increasing greatly by the Chinese internal fifth column for the Chinese launch a color revolution. If this time we also have to rely on those big capitalists as anti-imperialist, anti-hegemonic workhorse, but also caters to the American Tits music strategy, allowing our youth to lose tough and masculine treasures, then we don’t have enemies to fight on their own first fell down, just as did the Soviet Union as any of the collapse of the state, any national wealth is looted, the fancy people fall into a deep disaster. Therefore, the current US China is the occurrence of this profound change, and it was in response to the current severe and complex international situation, it was in response to the United States has already begun for the China launch of Savage and ferocious attack.

Each of us can feel, a profound social change has begun, not only the capital ring, not entertainment, not only to destroy the blight pull rotten, but also to scrape the bone to heal, but also to cleaning the House, fresh air, and make our society a more healthy, make the social body to be able to feel physical pleasure.

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