Wearying, But Worth it – Putin’s Press Conference

For the first time I watched most of President Putin’s annual press conference live this year, in fact last night. Well, nothing much of any importance or relevance is happening anywhere else in the world at the moment, so why not? The conference, as it turned out, went for about four and a quarter hours, with him continuously answering questions from roughly 400-500 journalists in the room. I switched off at 12.30 am to retire to bed and so just missed the end of it.

This is a remarkable gift to the community of mankind, both locally and globally, by a man who is a figurative dynamo and has his finger on the details of all aspects of interest to everyone, even though at times it gets down to very local issues being discussed.

I present here, with English translation, the whole recorded conference. Note this link replaces the original one I used. It is, as far as I know, unedited and covers the whole event.

I don’t expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but if you do, I think you will be amazed, although trying to keep up with the translation over the top of the Russian dialogue for so long, I found to be quite wearying. 

Alternatively, you might prefer to glance through TASS snippet posts of various highlight moments here: https://tass.com/putins-annual-media-conference

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