A Country Divided…

In addition to dealing with endemic morale and corruption issues (see my previous post), the Ukraine military – which reports to the President – also needs to deal with the mainly right wing units of the Ukrainian National Guard – which reports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – and which has rather different objectives than those of the military.

The two sides (presumably UKR Military v UKR National Guard, though that is not specifically stated in the Lugansk Media Centre reference article below (how can that possibly work?  No wonder the country is in such a mess) clashed in a fire fight recently over disagreements regarding the Donbass border issues hammered out under the Minsk 2 agreement.

“Ukrainian troops clash with nationalists in Stanitsa Luganskaya area – LPR militia”

The Ukraine National Guard was originally formed from remnants of Ukraine Waffen SS units in the closing months of WW2 to continue the fight against the Soviet Union and has held onto its Nazi past ever since.  The distinctly Nazi Azov Battalion is just one of the National Guard units still operating (and its leader also holds a government position), and it is such units as these that the Western powers, led by the US, are mostly training and equipping today – see, among many other references:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_MrBFMH2W8

This is Western mischief the world can do well without.

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